EGG SHOP is a small slice of SoHo heaven that whips up the most important meal of the day for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Poached, scrambled, sunny side up – they got you covered in yolky yumminess. Fav bomb dot com combo: Smoke Show & Egg Salad Sandwich w/ Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Egg Shop, YOU GOT ME.


Bad Boys For Life.

Witnessed the EP of Diddy’s BET Bad Boy Family Reunion on tour @ The Garden. Caught my man MASE biff’n it Diddy style, creeped on AZIZ in the drink line, wished Lil’ Kim dropped it lower & was jazzed when Kayne busted a quickie. I can’t wait another 20 years to get a glimpse of Mase’ stutter step so here’s hoping for a reunion RENDEZVOUS in two. Haan.

Keepin’ it in the Fam. Part 1.

GABRIEL STULMAN & co. have 5 BEAUTIFUL BABIES in the West Village. At bat: PERLA CAFE. Big fan of the sports memorabilia & hip-hop on rotation. Not to mention, the tarragon-caper aioli octopus (pictured) & their cheeseburger served w/ a kick & some TOTS. SLIDE IN a booth or bar seat & enjoy some yum-fest Italian fare tuned to 50 Cent’s greatest hits.



FISHING WITH DYNAMITE (FwD) was a must stop before the CHECK YOU LATER train left the El Porto station. FwD has a bang’n RAW bar & dishes up good vibes & bomb bites like a boss. No meal at FwD is complete without oysters, Peruvian scallops, hamachi, MARYLAND blue crab cake, Koshihikari rice, grilled octopus & hot damn do they whip up one mean key lime pie. FwD = FTW.